Information for parents

As teachers we are always fielding numerous questions and concerns about the education system in general, reporting and testing from parents, family members, and friends. The ever changing trends in our curriculum are leaving parents feeling confused, frustrated and useless when it comes to being able to help children with homework, assessments, or just to be interested in going to school. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore how educated you might be yourself, the system has changed and expectations have been raised so much in recent years that it is no wonder our children are needing more and more confidence and strategies to reach their potential.

Many people associate tutoring with children who are struggling but this is not necessarily the case. Our centre caters for all students and in fact many of our students who are at the highest level of education continue with tuition to help them maintain excellent grades.

NEK’s Tutoring Hawthorne recognises these changes and needs and is exactly the reason why we decided to open our own learning centre. We are dedicated to assisting you and your child with the lifelong journey of education. NEK’s Tutoring Hawthorne is also a member of Accredited Tutor, which through its members provides a high level of ethical tutoring throughout Australia.